My Tarot Decks

The Wheel of Fortune from Clown Town Tarot

Clown Town Tarot

A colorful clown-filled deck with Marseille-inspired trumps and original scenic pip cards.

The Fool from Anecdotes Tarot

Anecdotes Tarot

A fully-illustrated deck based on the music and lyrics of Joanna Newsom. The trumps and original scenic pip cards draw from a few different tarot traditions.

The Devil from Tarocchino Arlecchino

Tarocchino Arlecchino

A deck dedicated to the character Arlecchino or Harlequin, based on the Bolognese tarot and the Etteilla tradition.

Most of my cards are available to download for free or print on demand.

Textile Art

logo: a frog holding a bouquet of flowers

Come all you fair and tender girls
That flourish in your prime, prime,
Beware, beware, keep your garden fair
And let no man steal your thyme, thyme,
Let no man steal your thyme.