Clown Town Tarot

Clown Town Tarot is – what else? – a colorful deck full of clowns! See the Kickstarter page here.

The trumps and their coloring were particularly inspired by the Camoin-Jodorowsky Tarot de Marseille. However, to include as many clowns as humanly possible, the pip cards are also fully illustrated, based on numerology. The four suits are Court Jesters (Swords), White Clowns (Cups), Rodeo Clowns (Coins), and Tramp Clowns (Batons).

The first edition

Released via Kickstarter (thank you to all the backers!), with large cards and a purple cardback.

The second edition

By popular demand! Bridge-sized, with red cardbacks, and Harlequin stepping in for Pantaloon to play the Devil, this time.

By far the best part of making Clown Town was sewing Clownpouches(TM). You can see images on this page.

I no longer sell copies of Clown Town Tarot myself, but the design is uploaded to print on-demand at MakePlayingCards.