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LDT Blog: Personal Inventory

Eight weeks have flown by, and the Human Performance Technology (HPT) course I’ve been taking is at an end. This post will be a personal reflection on what I’ve learned through the course, and some things to look forward to. HPT: An Updated Definition Let’s start by trying to improve on my initial attempt to […]

Speaker Reflection: The Mind of a Performance Consultant

Back in my first post for this blog, I tried comparing human performance technology (HPT) with instructional design (ID). While the differences and similarities between the fields are interesting, perhaps an even more useful question to ask is how the two can come together to strengthen each other. This afternoon, I went into our course […]

Speaker Reflection: Implementation Science and Organizational Behavior Management in K-12 Education

This week I saw a presentation by Amanda Borosh, a special education teacher and behavior analyst who is currently a doctoral student at Purdue. In her work, she applies implementation science and organizational behavior management (OBM) to K-12 education. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the live presentation (I was hosting a review session for another class […]

LDT Blog: First Impressions of Human Performance Technology

Defining HPT First of all, what is human performance technology? More importantly, what are humans? What is performance? What is technology? That may be a strange way to put it. But after skimming through many definitions which made my head spin, I really appreciated the way the term is broken down in an article by […]


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I’m currently a Master’s student in Purdue’s Learning Design and Technology (LDT) program. On this blog, I will be reflecting on one of my final courses, Human Performance Technology.

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