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Let’s Make Puffed Pants!

If I had to choose a favorite costume element, it would be puffy sleeves and pant legs. They are simple, but so fun. I’m still figuring out how best to make them for my dolls. In this post, I’m going to show a method that was pretty successful, which I hope can be helpful for […]

Prince Danila Govorila I

Once upon a time there lived an aged princess, with a son and a daughter. The children were well and hearty. But a wicked witch watched over them: “How can I use them – how can I lead them to harm?” thought she. She thought, until she arrived at a plan. I’m returning this to […]

Making Hyacinth Harlequin

Hello and welcome Springtime! My favorite time is the Winter (and Autumn), and most of my other dolls reflect that. This year, I tried to generate some more purposeful excitement for the season – new colors! New images! I was looking forward to seeing some hyacinths which we planted in the Autumn… unfortunately the deer […]

Prince Danila Govorila

After working on many smaller card pictures, I wanted to try some larger format story illustrations. I had planned to begin with a different tale, but ran into the story of “Prince Danila Govorila,” and wanted to depict at least this scene. This picture goes near the beginning of the tale (as collected by A.N. […]


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