Prince Danila Govorila I

Once upon a time there lived an aged princess, with a son and a daughter. The children were well and hearty. But a wicked witch watched over them: “How can I use them – how can I lead them to harm?” thought she. She thought, until she arrived at a plan.

I’m returning this to tale to hopefully make a full series of illustrations, and an English version of the text to go along with it. I decided to switch to digital and save the ink and paper: this is the Procreate app for iPad, using the brushes Spectra and 6B Pencil. The color palette is the same one I used in the Create Your Own Tarot module, which was based on a South Netherlandish tapestry.

Working digitally makes it easier to get lost in decorative patterns, both a blessing and a curse. The whole thing will take me a while (this first piece was a 14-hour deal spread over 2 weeks). But, there are many fun scenes to come!

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