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Hello and welcome to my new blog category!

My previous posts here have been about art projects, but I’m starting this new category as part of a school assignment. I’m a Master’s student in Purdue University’s Learning Design and Technology (LDT) Program, and beginning one of my final courses! The posts on this LDT blog will be reflections on this course, Human Performance Technology.

I decided to write them on this blog since, well, one blog site is enough to manage. If you were here for the art posts, maybe you’ll find something interesting – I know I’m looking forward to learning more about this field with its intimidating and almost science-fiction-like name. But, if you are just interested in one or the other, I will keep them separated in categories. The art posts will remain under the category Art Blog. The learning design and human performance technology posts will be under the category LDT Blog.

Now, an introduction for the class this term.

My name is Yve and I’m from beautiful northern New Jersey. I work as a teaching assistant in online math programs, as well as tutoring locally. My bachelor’s degree is in mathematics (with a second major in Russian). I applied to the LDT program because of my interest in online and distance education. So many math students rely on accessible and free online resources to understand what they’re learning! At work, I’ve had experience with “traditional” instructor-led online courses (both scheduled and self-paced) as well as the weird world of massive open online courses. Open courses and resources are fascinating but there are so many new challenges to deal with, especially regarding community and personal motivations to learn. I’m looking forward to the new perspectives in this Human Performance Technology course.

Below you will find a photo of me, along with my brother, having a conversation with our nation’s eighth president, Martin Van Buren. We visited his house in upstate New York this weekend, which was fun (it was an old farmhouse but of course to suit the stature of an ex-President the architect had to add a huge Italian-style tower). To be honest, the highlight of the trip was a really delicious bagel shop not far from this statue.

Two people on a bench with a metal statue of a short man with a cane and huge sideburns.

Outside of math and learning design, my hobbies are hiking and art. The latter is mainly what I use this website for, if you are interested in looking – though I also have my EDCI 569 Introduction to eLearning project hosted here (a module using H5P content). I love that the LDT program pushes me to combine my math/education interests with art, and I love seeing everyone else’s creativity too!

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