Tarocchino Arlecchino: The Angel

At the end of the trump sequence, winged Arlecchino rises above entombed Colombina, Pierrot, and Pantalone. This is his tarocchino, after all, and his fellow denizens of the Commedia dell’Arte are here on his fancy.

The Angel or Judgement from Tarocchino Arlecchino

Colombina (left) was a maid character, wife of Pierrot but lover of Arlecchino.

Melancholic and pale Pierrot complemented Arlecchino’s madness.

Miserly Pantalone is on the far right – if this is the final judgement, I don’t think he will come out too well.

I titled this card “The Angel,” the more typical name for this pattern. The meanings are from the corresponding Etteilla trump, the Last Judgement. The upright meanings are general conceptions of judgement, the reversed has more specific legal and political connotations.

Keywords (translated from Julia Orsini)

Upright: judgement, true judgement, good judgment, sane judgment, fair judgement, false judgement, discernment, intelligence, conception, reason, understanding, comparison, deliberation, view, suspicion, thought, opinion, feeling, last judgment

Reversed: judgement, decision, decree, ruling, legal outcome, arbitration, pacification, weak judgement, weak spirit, pusillanimity, madness, injustice, simplicity, stupidity

This is the last card of the sequence, but I do have one more to draw – the World. Stay tuned!

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