The Numbers and Courts

The ten number cards of each suit are modeled after the decades of the trumps. This is a list of the general shared qualities of each number. Some are intuitive and shared across numerology systems. Others are particular to this deck and the corresponding songs.

Click to expand the sections below to see some of the keywords for each number. You can also click on a card image to see it enlarged.

1 – the beginning

The Aces relate to the beginning, the advent, the essence of the suit and its external face.

The Aces correspond to trumps I and XI.

2 – waiting

The 2’s related to waiting, incubation, alliance and opposition, and those outside society.

The 2’s correspond to the trumps II and XII.

3 – growth and harvest

The 3’s relate to growth and harvest, expansion and transformation, innocence and loss of innocence.

The 3’s correspond to the trumps III and XIII.

4 – stability

The 4’s relate to stability and stagnation, control over oneself and others, protection and oppression.

The 4’s correspond to the trumps IV and XIV.

5 – guidance and influence

The 5’s relate to guidance and influence, exploration and temptation, binding, and traditions.

The 5’s correspond to the trumps V and XV.

6 – communion

The 6’s relate to communion, renewal, and acts of God: miracles and disasters.

The 6’s correspond to the trumps VI and XVI.

7 – depth and dimension

The 7’s relate to depth and dimensions, extremes, freedom and control.

The 7’s correspond to trumps VII and XVII.

8 – balance

The 8’s relate to balance and imbalance, permanence, and interconnection.

The 8’s correspond to the trumps VIII and XVIII.

9 – things at an end

The 9’s relate to things at an end, time passing, awakening, enlightenment and crisis.

The 9’s correspond to trumps IX and XIX.

10 – new possibilities

The 10’s relate to possibilities and choices, clearing and transition, and culmination.

The 10’s correspond to trumps X and XX.

Each suit also has four cards which are given roles from a medieval court. This list retains the traditional titles for simplicity, though the Queen and King need not be female or male. On the cards, each rank is denoted by a chess symbol.

Click to expand the sections below to see some of the qualities of the court card ranks. You can also click on a card image to see it enlarged.

♙ Page

The Page represents a young person, who is still in the process of learning. Some qualities of the Pages are youth, indecision, eagerness, and diligence.

♘ Knight

The Knight is the most active court card. This is a person who goes to seek out the unknown. Some qualities of the Knights are adventurousness, impulsivity, and bravery.

♕ Queen

The Queen is a defender and guardian. This is a ruler in the heart of their kingdom. Some qualities of the Queens are protectiveness, dedication, constancy, and wisdom.

♔ King

The King is a planner and expansionist. This is a ruler with an eye on the frontiers of their kingdom. Some qualities of the Kings are grandeur, ambition, keenness, and magnanimity.

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