Five of Batons

5 of Batons from Anecdotes Tarot: 5 stars form the constellation Cassiopeia, a seated woman

And in store are dreams so daring
that the night can’t stop from staring

Joanna Newsom, “Cassiopeia” (The Milk-Eyed Mender, 2004)

Image Description

The constellation Cassiopeia consists of five stars in a shape similar to a letter W. A woman is drawn in white on the blue night sky, seated on the constellation with one star on each of her angles. The stars of the constellation are five-pointed and colored red and orange.


The mythological Cassiopeia was imprisoned in the sky for her vanity, bound to the chair of her constellation. The narrator of this song is similarly held hostage by insomnia. This card can represent deadlock, feeling constrained physically or creatively. It can also encompass the more positive side of the number Five, in creative exploration and skill. In sleeplessness and the constellations, the narrator manages to find inspiration.