Ten of Batons

10 of Batons from Anecdotes Tarot: A woman with 10 batons on her back walks through butterfly-like autumn leaves

And I go where the trees go,
and I walk from a higher education

Joanna Newsom, “En Gallop” (The Milk-Eyed Mender, 2004)

Image Description

A woman walks away from the viewer, carrying ten interlocking yellow batons on her back. She wears a yellow shirt, green pants, and red boots with green upward pointing triangles on them. She steps from green grass into a blue diamond of sky, surrounded by autumn leaves of red, yellow, and green that are arranged to resemble butterfly wings.


In this final card, the contest between nature and art is decided in favor of the former. The autumn leaves are the “dustly wings that fell from flesh” in “En Gallop,” representing transformation and letting things fall away both literally and metaphorically. This card’s design is one of the most similar to the typical Marseille Tarot – based on the central blue diamond of the Batons – and its meaning is close to the cartomantic one. In a concrete sense, it represents a journey. More abstractly, it means a big change in one’s creative approach.