Queen of Coins

Queen of Coins from Anecdotes Tarot stands in front of a cultivated landscape

You cannot come and see me,
for I set myself apart.
But when you come and see me,
in California,
you cross the border of my heart.

Joanna Newsom, “In California” (Have One On Me, 2010)

Image Description

A woman stands gazing steadily at a golden coin that she holds up in her right hand. In her other hand, she holds a sceptre with an ear of corn on top. She is seen in profile, facing the left-hand side of the card. She wears a bonnet decorated with four-petaled flowers. Her long dress and cloak repeat this pattern in places, but also include pictures of fields, trees, and a small house. Like the mountainous landscape surrounding her, her clothing is shades of brown, red, and green. The sky is purple and blue. In front of her, in the lower right corner of the card, there is a clump of white four-petaled daphne blossoms. Behind her, on the right-hand side of the card, there is a golden field with a black bear walking along its edge, and further in the distance a bonfire and a well. Behind her on the left-hand side of the card there is a pale lake, a red wheelbarrow in a field, a leaping fox, and grazing deer.


The Queen of Coins is a farmer or land-keeper, one deeply rooted and connected to her home. Her dress blends into the landscape, and she holds her coin at eye level, as if it is a mirror. Her loyalty extends to both her own cultivated areas, and the wilderness beyond.

The Queen is hardworking, steadfast, and true to her values. In a negative light, she can be a work addict, and have a narrow and limited view of the world outside her domain.