King of Swords

King of Swords from Anecdotes Tarot has a costume resembling a common loon's feathers

Common Loon or Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer)

Image Description

The King sits on a platform, holding up a dark red sword in his right hand and a golden dagger against his leg in his left hand. He looks off toward the right side of the card. Two common loons, black birds with white speckles, sit on his shoulders, looking in opposite directions. Like the loons, his cloak and shirt are black with white speckles. His shirt has a red circular charm with a black dot in its center, which resembles a loon’s eye. He also wears a floppy had with a red and black brim and a teal top, and dark red boots with pictures of webbed feet on them. The platform where he sits has a picture of interlocking lines that represent one projection of a four-dimensional hypercube. The ground is snowy and the sky is light gray.


The King of Swords is traditionally a lawyer, fitting the suit’s type of both scholarliness and combativeness. This King is a hybrid, like the loon which dives underwater as well as flying through the air. He has both theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply it.

The admirable qualities of the King are intelligence, eloquence, and keen judgement. His less favorable qualities are haughtiness and intolerance.