Page of Swords

Page of Swords from Anecdotes Tarot has a costume resembling a nightjar's feathers

Rufous Nightjar (Antrostromus rufus)

Image Description

A person holds a light-blue sword blade-up in her left hand and holds the dark red sheath in her right hand. The sword’s blade seems to rest against the wide red brim of her hat. The center of her hat is blue, and a small bird’s head is visible against it. She looks down and toward the left side of the card, away from the blade. She wears a long pleated blue dress that drags on the snowy ground. Over the dress, she wears a long smock with a brown, gold, and white feather-like design. She also wears a white scarf with a brown pattern that resembles upward-pointing arrows. The sky behind her is shades of yellow and orange.


In the Etteilla system of tarot meanings, the Page of Swords is a spy. Here with tiny Rufous Nightjar nestled in her hat, the Page shares some of the slyness of I. Anecdotes. She has both sword and sheath at the ready, either drawing the blade or putting it away. If frightened, the nightjar can easily retreat to camouflage.

The Page of Swords is perceptive, quick, and stealthy. On the less favorable side, the Page can be untrustworthy and easily spooked.