17. La Lune

The Moon from Tarocchino Arlecchino

About the Card

English Name(s)

The Moon


  • Grand Etteilla: Card Number 3
  • Tarot de Marseille: Trump XVIII

Image Description

The moon hides half of her pink face behind a green horned crescent mask. She is surrounded by two radiating black, red, gold, and green disks in the upper corners and three black six-pointed stars in the sky. Two Harlequins stand below and look up at her with astronomical instruments. The Harlequin on the left holds up a compass with his left hand and in his right hand he holds a blue starry globe encircled by a gold serpent biting its own tail. The Harlequin on the right points up with his right hand and holds an angled ruler in his left hand.

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Aim, design, intention, resolution, will, language, words, speech, talk, discuss, babble, chat, gossip, idle talk, reasoning, dialogue, discourse, moon.


Water, fluid, humid, ablution, dew, rain, deluge, sea, river, torrent, stream, fountain, spring, lake, marsh, flat water, pond, waterfall, waves, inundation, spring.