49. Le Sept d’Epee

The Seven of Swords from Tarocchino Arlecchino

About the Card

English Name(s)

The Seven of Swords


  • Grand Etteilla: Cards Number 57 and 62
  • Petit Etteilla: Seven of Spades

Image Description

Six curved swords form an almond shape, with three on each side. The swords have black blades with red tips, and a middle section decorated in gold with blue or green. Pink ribbons are woven through the swords at the top and the bottom. A gold plate covers each of the places where the swords cross, at the top and the bottom. The upper plate has a picture of a Harlequin in profile looking upward. The lower plate has a picture of two symmetrical Harlequin profiles, the noses of their masks touching. A large sword with a red, blue, and green diamond pattern crosses through the almond, pointing downward.



Hope, await, expectation, desire, will, wish, vow, longing, taste, fantasy.


Friendship, attachment, affection, tenderness, benevolence, liking, affinity, attraction, rapport, relationship, intimacy, similarity, connection, conformity, sympathy, interest.