6. Le Chariot

The Chariot from Tarocchino Arlecchino

About the Card

English Name(s)

The Chariot


  • Grand Etteilla: Card Number 21
  • Tarot de Marseille: Trump VII

Image Description

A Harlequin with a winged helmet sits atop a high chariot. He holds a globe topped by a cross in his right hand and bares red-bladed sword in his left hand. His mask is black, his costume is decorated with red and green diamonds, and his shoes feature large white bows. The chariot is drawn by two horses pulling in opposite directions, turning their necks around to face each other. The horses wear large feathers on their heads and are criss-crossed by red flourishes. There is a red, black, and gold disk radiating in each upper corner.

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Dissension, discord, disturbances, agitation, noise, nuisance, disorder, riots, insurrection, revolt, sedition, rebellion, defection, faction, conspiracy, war, battle, conflict, combat, duel, violence, impulse, outburst, anger, quarrel, dispute, debate, argumentation, struggle, vengeance.


Arrogance, pride, vanity, false glory, pomp, ostentation, audacity, temerity, presumption, insult, affront.