Tarot Pierrot

Tarot Pierrot is the white-clad companion to Tarocchino Arlecchino. This deck stars the iconic Pierrot, another character of the Commedia dell’arte, friend and rival to Harlequin. While Harlequin’s origins may be demonic, Pierrot’s are more human. And thanks to modern painters and poets, he has developed into a more nuanced and romantic role, with both buffoonish and sinister undertones. I’m looking forward to exploring Pierrot through this project! I will be updating the pages below with images as I go.

Completed suits

Other works in progress

Pierrot rides a horse with a sword driven into his torso. Red blood stains the white blade.

Progress: 9/16

Harlequin leads a blinded Pierrot by the hand under a massive sun.

Progress: 2/22