Seven of Coins

7 of Coins from Anecdotes Tarot: A bouquet thrown through the air

I threw my bouquet,
and I knocked ’em dead.

Joanna Newsom, “Have One On Me” (Have One On Me, 2010)

Image Description

A bouquet of flowers flies through the air. Four golden coins form the centers of dark red flowers in the bouquet, and three more golden coins fall from the bouquet along with six red petals. A spider can also be seen faintly suspended from a thread among the flowers. The bouquet is wrapped in light blue fabric, tied with a ribbon that holds an oval-shaped charm with a picture of a skull on it.


Where the Six of Coins is polite, the Seven is careless. The dancer Lola Montez is the protagonist of the song “Have One on Me,” and her chaotic and shocking performances won her fame and notoriety. But this reckless attitude toward one’s craft and audience is not sustainable: her career went through sharp highs and lows. This card signifies breaking free of societal customs and morals, taking control of one’s image, and making an impression. In a less favorable light, it can mean impulsivity and sloppiness with one’s resources.