Six of Coins

6 of Coins from Anecdotes Tarot: A dragon rests at the top of a tree and St George stands at the bottom

We broke our hearts,
in the war between
St. George and the dragon,
but both, in equal parts,
are welcome to come along

Joanna Newsom, “’81” (Have One On Me, 2010)

Image Description

A dark red tree with six symmetrical branches and twenty heart-shaped leaves grows in a garden surrounded by low brown bushes. A pink dragon is curled up between the top two branches, holding a golden coin. A man with a halo stands at the base of the tree next to another golden coin, raising two fingers in a sign of benediction. Four more golden coins hang from the branches of the tree. The coins are all decorated with crosses.


The Six of Coins is inspired by the same song embodied by III. ‘81. This card brings old foes together to reconcile their differences and share common ground. The picture shows St. George and the Dragon, at the base and top of the Tree of Life. The coins are its fruit, of which each partakes. Their symmetrical position communicates balance. Even if these two don’t become the best of friends, they can share common kindness and regard.