Three of Coins

3 of coins from Anecdotes Tarot: falling flower petals and stems and a miniature portrait of a lady

Pluck every last daisy clean,
till only I may love you

Joanna Newsom, “Easy” (Have One On Me, 2010)

Image Description

Three golden coins, decorated with crosses, form the centers of flowers. The coins are arranged in a triangle. Most of the petals have fallen away from the lower two coins, and the upper coin is completely bare of petals. They are surrounded by stems and leaves on a dark brown background. Two red cone-flowers are on curling stems on either side of the upper coin. At the center, where the different stems meet, there is a red oval with a portrait of a lady on it.


The lyric connected with this card describes a quaint fortunetelling game, something one would do at the beginning of a romance. The portrait in the center of the card represents Bloody Mary, who is mentioned at the end of “Easy”  and could be thought of as a fusion of the two related trumps: III. ‘81 with XIII. Cosmia. In the song, Bloody Mary could be a reminder that the easiness and innocence is underscored by darkness and possessiveness. The petals may be removed with no intent of harm, but the bare plants and fog rolling in provide a reminder of Winter encroaching.