Two of Coins

2 of coins from Anecdotes Tarot: two jackrabbits tied together with a ribbon

So I swung through here
like a brace of jackrabbits,
with their necks all broke.

Joanna Newsom, “Jackrabbits” (Have One On Me, 2010)

Image Description

Two golden-brown long-legged rabbits lay limp with their eyes closed against a dark red background. The rabbits are linked by a golden ribbon that ends in a bow around each of their necks. Each rabbit curls around a golden coin with a four-petaled flower at its center.


The Two of Coins hangs in an uncomfortable position. This song is like an apology letter, with regrets and hopes of mending a relationship. The narrator of “Jackrabbits” is not the hunter, but the swinging limp carcasses that the hunter carries home. The ribbon connecting the two coins is the iconic motif of this card, seen in many Marseille-type decks. Here the ribbon is also a reminder of prevailing friendship: the lyric, “you can take my hand, in the darkness, darling, like a length of rope.” Thus this card signifies both making mistakes, and reaching out to fix them.