Page of Cups

Page of Cups from Anecdotes Tarot walks on the seashore with a dove in a cup

the little white dove,
made with love, made with love

Joanna Newsom, “Sawdust & Diamonds” (Ys, 2006)

Image Description

A person walks along the seashore, holding a tall gold cup with a little white dove sitting in the top. She holds the cup out in front of her in her bare right hand, and holds a lid for the cup behind her in her white-gloved left hand. Two more doves fly near her head. The one in front of her, on the left side of the card, lifts a blue scarf that she wears over the dove in the cup. The one behind her, on the right side of the card, carries a pink thistle flower.

The Page wears a dress with large puffed sleeves, vertically striped in blue, jade, red, pink, and gold. Her leggings are indigo and dark red, with gold bows near her knees. She wears a headband made of mouth-shaped white cowrie shells and has a silver bell on a chain around her neck.

The sky and ocean are light blue and the sand is gold. There is a silver-gray clam shell on the ground in front of the Page.


The Page of Cups is a friend of the heart, a favored companion. A white dove nests in her cup, sheltered by a veil. She carries the lid in the other hand, ready to close the cup and protect the dove who rests in it. More doves fly around her head, helping their friends.

On the positive side, this Page is considerate, meditative, and affectionate. On the negative side, she can be self-effacing, and susceptible to flattery.