Ten of Cups

10 of cups from Anecdotes Tarot: Knee deep in water, a woman looks up at a flying seagull and a distant city

And the shallow water stretches as far as I can see.
Knee deep, trudging along –
the seagull weeps ‘so long’

Joanna Newsom, “Only Skin” (Ys, 2006)

Image Description

A person stands knee-deep in flat gray water with her back to the viewer. Her left hand is hidden in her pocket and she lifts her right hand up to shield her eyes as she looks up at a flying seagull. She wears a jade green dress with a red hem that has a pattern of three-petaled flowers. Ten gold cups shaped like blossoms float on the water near her. In the distance, some towers and steeples are faintly visible rising out of the water.


At the Ten, we are back to looking at the city from afar like in the Ace of Cups, but now it has sunken beneath the waves. The sound of church bells comes only faintly through the fog, almost indistinguishable from the seagull’s cry. The cups themselves are what has washed ashore, those that were able to float. This card thus has the meaning of artifacts, both literal and metaphorical.