Nine of Coins

A clown bends down to pick up coins as a bull comes up behind him.

Distracted by his dropped coins, a rodeo clown just realizes that the last is in the possession of the bull! Now, he is, as they say, cruisin’ for a bruisin’. The Camoin-Jodorowsky deck which was the main inspiration for Clown Town paints the Nines as crisis cards. The Nine of Coins says that sooner or later, you’ll have to lose. In the material sense of Coins, losing can be losing your goods, getting beat up, or both like this clown has in store.

Image Description

A clown bends down, dropping eight coins in a pile as he tries to gather them. Through the open gate behind him, a bull creeps up. The bull is pale blue with yellow hooves, a red nose, and red curly hair on top of his head. He has a yellow ring through his nose and snorts out plumes of smoke. His golden horns have two red rings around them, and a ninth coin floats between his horns. The bull’s eyes are focused on the clown’s backside, and the clown seems to be frozen in surprise as he realizes his situation.

The clown’s face is painted white, with a round red nose and blue cheeks. He wears a curly green wig and a jump suit with stars and stripes like an American flag. His boots are red with gold decorations – the right boot has a picture of fire, and the left boot has a picture of a cactus and the sun. The nine coins are yellow with red five-pointed stars in the center.