Page of Coins

A proud rodeo clown holding up a gold coin.

The Page of Coins stands outside the gates of the rodeo, armed with one coin for spending and another saved on her belt buckle. She hasn’t yet faced down the horse and bull who wait beyond, but she is eager to prove herself.

Image Description

A proud rodeo clown holding up a gold coin.

The clown has red, white, and blue face paint and wears a yellow wig with braided pigtails under a light blue cowboy hat. She wears an orange button-down shirt with scalloped collar and cuffs. The front of her shirt is decorated with red and yellow pictures of a horse’s head, a bull’s head, and six stars. She also wears cowboy boots with stars and stripes in red, blue, and yellow. Her pants are green with patches on the knees and her light-blue gloves match her hat.

She holds a large coin up in her right hand. This coin is yellow with a red five-pointed star in the middle. The buckle of her red belt is a smaller but identical coin. Her left hand rests on her hip, holding a looped yellow rope.

The ground is sandy and there is a pale blue fence in the background. A yellow horse and bull stand on the other side of the fence.