Queen of Coins

A rodeo clown holding a rifle and a coin.

The Queen of Coins is at ease, and her nose-ringed bull seems tamed. She is confident and unafraid.

Image Description

A rodeo clown holding a rifle and a coin.

The clown has red-painted nose, lips, and cheeks, and white eyeshadow. Her wig is yellow and curly, and she also wears a cowboy hat in purple, red, and yellow. She wears a lacy white blouse with an enormous red bow around her collar, and a short red skirt with polka dots in green, blue, and yellow. Her knee-high boots are red with yellow and purple decorations, and she also wears purple gloves with a heart-shaped cutout on the back.

The clown faces the left side of the card and leans back against a light blue bull with yellow horns, hair and hoofs, and a ring through her nose. The clown holds a rifle with a red star on it against her body with her left hand. She holds a coin in her right hand, looking up at it. The coin is yellow with a red five-pointed star in the middle, and a yellow six-petaled flower in the center of the star. The ground is sandy and there is a pale blue fence in the background.