The Fool

A clown dressed in a patchwork of different fabrics and carrying two sticks walks forward, a monkey pawing at her back.

The Fool is the deck’s wild card, and she is fittingly undefined. Her costume contains elements of all the clown types shown in the deck. Her pouch is in the shape of the big top, to contain the entire circus-universe.

Image Description

A clown dressed in a patchwork of different fabrics strides toward the right side of the card. She steps forward with one foot as a light blue capuchin monkey paws at her rear leg. The ground below her rear foot is yellow. The ground below her front foot is light blue.

In her right hand she holds a tall red walking stick topped with an upward-pointing triangle. In her right hand she holds a blue staff over her shoulder, which has a yellow five-pointed star on each end. A pouch shaped like a red and yellow striped circus tent hangs from this staff.

The clown has long pale hair. Her nose is painted red, and she has a light blue downward-pointing triangle painted on each cheek.

Her costume contains elements of all the clown types shown throughout the deck, including jesters (from the Suit of Swords), Pierrot or white clowns (from the suit of Cups), hobo or tramp clowns (from the suit of Batons), and rodeo clowns (from the suit of Coins).

She wears a red hat with a curled and pointy top ending in a bell. She also wears a red, green, and blue jester’s collar with bells on it. She wears a white glove on her left hand, the hand that holds the staff over her shoulder. Her right hand, which holds the walking stick, has a yellow glove. Underneath the collar, she has a cape that is half white lace and half yellow with purple and green polka-dot trim. An American flag also trails from her shoulder. Her shirt is red with a large puffed blue sleeve. Her rear pant leg is white and lacy, and she wears a narrow red shoe with a curled and pointed toe on her rear foot. Her front pant leg is green with a houndstooth pattern, and she wears a red striped sock and large red clown shoe with patches on this foot. A woven blanket hangs down over her legs near the monkey. The blanket is red, green, blue, and yellow, with a pattern of triangles and circles. A piece of blue and yellow polka dot fabric can also be seen hanging down on the other side of her legs.