Two of Coins

Two clowns in uniform sweeping up banana peels and coins.

One traditional reading of the Two of Coins is taking time to rest and restore, so I used the image of janitors sweeping up between the acts at the rodeo. (These clowns were inspired by the janitors at the Bread and Puppet Theater.) In other readings, such as the Etteilla system, this card relates to a mix-up or embarrassment, as illustrated by the poor gentleman in the back. Will you clean up, or slip on the great comic banana-peel of life?

Image Description

In the foreground, a clown smiles as he sweeps up a coin and two banana peels with a wide red broom. In the background, another clown loses his grip on a coin as he slips on a banana peel and falls backward, looking surprised.

The two clowns are in the same uniform. They both have red noses, orange and white checkered shirts, blue overalls, red and green boots, red and green visored hats, and red and green gloves. The clown in the background also has a yellow star on the bib of his overalls. The coins are orange, decorated with five-petaled flowers with pale blue centers. The ground is sandy and there is a fence in the background.