32. La Reine de Coupe

The Queen of Cups from Tarocchino Arlecchino

About the Card

English Name(s)

The Queen of Cups


  • Grand Etteilla: Card Number 37
  • Petit Etteilla: Queen of Hearts

Image Description

The Queen of Cups is seated and looks at a goblet which she raises in her right hand. Over a dress with pink, red, white, and green diamonds, she wears a cloak decorated with crescent moons and stars and closed with a medallion featuring a pale blue heart. Her slippers and the points of her crown are decorated with crescent moons.



Blonde woman, honest woman, virtue, ethics, values, wisdom, honesty, trustworthiness, expert.


Woman of position, woman of a distinguished rank, dishonest woman, vice, dishonesty, depravity, debauchery, corruption, scandal.