33. Le Chevalier de Coupe

The Knight of Cups from Tarocchino Arlecchino

About the Card

English Name(s)

The Knight of Cups


  • Grand Etteilla: Card Number 38

Image Description

The Knight of Cups is seen in profile, riding a golden horse toward the left side of the card. He points forward with his left hand and holds a goblet in his right. He wears a black mask and a round helmet with a crescent moon on its side and feathers in the brim. His jacket has puffed sleeves and a lace collar and features a pattern of stars and diamonds. His skirt is trimmed with crescent moons and his shoe has a curly heart design. His horse wears ribbons with the same star and moon patterns.



Arrival, coming, approach, advent, agreement, reception, compliance, reception, entrance, get closer, squeeze together, crowd, coming together, meeting, conformity, approximation, accessory.


Scam, trickery, villainy, fraud, cheating, swindling, ruse, artifice, subtlety, delicacy, nuance, dexterity, suppleness.