Four of Batons

A tramp clown eating brunch in a booth in a diner, reading a newspaper.

Fours often relate to routine and stability. There isn’t much constancy in a hobo clown’s life. But even when you’re out tramping, you can’t forgo the ritual of a good Sunday brunch. This clown has rolled up to Temperance’s diner to put his feet up and plan his next move.

Image Description

A tramp clown eating brunch in a booth in a diner, reading a newspaper.

The clown is dressed in ragged brown and yellow clothes, including a big trench coat and plaid pants. The shoe on his visible foot is untied and busted:  his toes poke through the front. His hat hangs from a hook on the bench, and there is a hole in its crown. He is bald on top with spiky red hair. He has a round red nose and light blue stubble on the bottom half of his face.

He spreads himself across the bench of the booth. He holds a steaming cup of coffee in his left hand and a newspaper in his right hand. The bottom of the newspaper drags through a puddle of red ketchup that spills out of an overturned bottle on the table. He sips a chocolate milkshake through a comically long straw, made of four interlocked red and green bendy straws.

In front of him, there is a partially eaten hamburger and French fries. There is another plate with fried eggs, sausage, and bacon in a smiley face.

The diner booths are green and plush, and the floor is black and white checkered tiles.