XIIII. Temperance

A winged clown in a waitress uniform and roller skates mixes two milkshakes.

Temperance is an angelic carhop, mixing shakes. She represents a purity that exists in only the finest of American diners.

Image Description

A clown in a waitress uniform and roller skates with blue angel wings pours liquid between two cups: one containing a vanilla milkshake and one containing a chocolate milkshake. She is balanced on her left leg as she seems to roll toward the right side of the card.

She wears a lacy orange dress with puffed sleeves and a matching apron with three red and white drinking straws, a blue pen, and a pad of paper in a pocket on its front. Her yellow hair is curled and she wears two green clips in it and a small cylindrical hat with a five-pointed red flower on top. She has a red-painted nose and smile and black painted eyelashes. Her roller skates are green with orange tongues and heels, on purple platforms with four red wheels. The sides of the skates show four yellow triangles and a yellow circle with a triangular slice removed from it. The floor where she skates is tiled in black and white checkers.