A clown with a scythe walks through a black field of heads, hands, feet, and bones.

When I die, show no pity.
Send my soul to Juggalo City.

A Juggalo’s Prayer

This is the first picture I drew for the deck, before I even thought I would make a whole deck. I don’t know where he came from, but he’s here.

Image Description

A walking clown swings a scythe along the ground, looking back at the viewer over his shoulder with one eye. He walks toward the right side of the card.

The clown is bald with a white face, a round red nose, and a painted red smile. He wears a pointed blue hat with three red buttons over a yellow cap. He wears a suit that is half white and half patterned with green and blue diamonds with yellow circles in their centers. The suit has a ruffled white collar, a red belt with yellow ruffles, and three red buttons. The clown also wears long oversized red lace-up shoes. His left hand, which rests on top of the scythe’s handle, has a light blue glove. His right hand, which is in the middle of the handle, wears a red glove. The scythe’s handle is yellow, and its crescent-shaped blade is light blue, with red on the outer edge.

The ground is black, with some yellow and green grass and leaves sticking up. There are three clown heads on the ground. There is a frowning face with a pale blue skull cap beneath the shoe in the bottom left corner of the card. There is a crying face with a green wig and a tiny blue hat in the bottom right corner of the card. The third face, at the tip of the scythe blade, has a red wig and frowns slightly. Three hands and two feet also stick up from the ground. Two white bones lay on the ground. One bone has four holes along its side.