XII. The Hanged One

A clown marionette hangs upside-down.

This marionette is more than a little tangled up, but he’s rallying to take control of his own strings.

Image Description

A clown puppet hangs upside down from strings in his hands and feet. The strings are connected to a wooden X-shape at the top of the card, with a twelve-pointed star in its center. The strings attached to the feet are tangled around the handle. Around the puppet in the four corners of the card there is ruffled fabric of green (in the bottom corners) and light blue with red trim (in the top corners).

The clown wears a jumpsuit with two different patterns. Half has blue and white vertical stripes. The other has red, blue, yellow, and white diamonds. He has a light blue ruffled collar and ruffles around his wrists. His hands and green and his shoes are red. His hair is pale and curly and he has a red nose and red cheeks. He also wears a pointy hat, half red and half blue, with green, white, red, and yellow pom-poms in a line down the middle.