XI. Strength

A clown flexes her muscles as she lifts a lion up over her head.

A thrilling double-act – the circus strongwoman and her fierce lion! The obvious interpretation is physical strength. But remember, they work as a team.

Image Description

A clown lifts a lion over her head with both arms. She stands in a circus ring whose red wall is decorated with eleven light blue circles containing red hearts.

She squats, legs bent and arms flexed. She wears a dark blue leotard and a yellow sash and skirt with a leopard print. She also wears tall lace-up boots with the same dark blue and leopard print design, and yellow tongues. She wears a thin black necklace. Her hair is yellow and curly with three red spikes on each side of her head. Her nose and smile are painted red.

The lion is pale orange with a red nose and tongue and a curly mane. He is on his back and looks surprised.