X. The Wheel of Fortune

Three clowns hang on to a Ferris wheel.

When you climb to the top of the Big Wheel, you have only a few moments to admire the view before you feel the drop in your stomach as you come down. The clown on the right reaches for the stars, the clown on the left falls like confetti. The smug jokester in the middle doesn’t know what’s coming to him.

Image Description

Three clowns are on a red Ferris wheel with some light blue details, round yellow lights on its main spokes, and a five-pointed yellow star in its center.

On the right side of the card, a clown climbs up the wheel. He wears a dark blue jumpsuit decorated with yellow stars, red oversized shoes, an orange ruffled collar, white gloves, and a small green top hat. His nose is red and round and his wig is purple and curly. He smiles slightly.

In the middle of the card, a smiling clown sits on top of the wheel. His right hand is on his hip and in his left hand he holds up a red flower that sprays drops of water. He wears a jumpsuit with an orange and blue wavy pattern, green curly-toed shoes with bells, a green ruffled collar, and a pointed red hat. His nose is painted red and his hair is yellow and wavy.

On the left side of the card, a clown holds on as he goes downward on the wheel, frowning. This clown wears a light blue jumpsuit with multi-colored polka dots. He has oversized green and purple shoes, white gloves, and a red and purple bowler hat. His nose is round and red and his wig is shaggy and green.