VIIII. The Hermit

A clown in a raccoon tail cap stands in the desert, holding up a lantern in one hand in a water gun in the other.

The Hermit came from the East to explore the wild deserts of the West, with nothing but his lantern and his trusty water-rifle. He lives an isolated life, but he is more pioneer than misanthrope. If you run into him on your travels, he is an invaluable guide to the wasteland.

Image Description

A clown stands and looks toward the left side of the card, raising a lantern before him in his right hand and holding a rifle pointing downward in his left hand. The lantern is red with concentric circles on its panels. The rifle is also red, and a blue bubble of water comes out of its end.

The clown is in a desert with yellow sand: two cacti and a tumbleweed can be seen in the background. He stands with his right leg lifted up on a small hill. The clown has a shaggy purple wig, a round red nose, and blue and white face paint. He wears a brown fur cap with a raccoon tail. He has a blue button-down shirt with red patches on its elbows and a red vest with fringe on the bottom, decorated with a yellow bucking horse on one side and a yellow lasso on the other side. He also wears a bolo tie and yellow gloves. His paints are green with a plaid pattern and red and yellow patches. His oversized lace-up shoes are red with purple heels and toes.