VIII. Justice

A beheaded clown with her neck in a guillotine lifts up her own smiling severed head.

This clown is portraying a socially conscious aristocrat who, eager to help the cause, guillotines herself. Justice is all about making decisions and carrying them out, no matter how many red-nosed heads must roll.

Image Description

A beheaded clown lays down with her neck in a guillotine. She pulls a string connected to the blade with her left hand, and holds up her own head in her left hand.

The clown wears a dress with patches of red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange. Her shoes are purple and red, and she wears white gloves. The red stump of her neck is visible in the guillotine, and a gold chain hangs around it. A light blue crown with a red and yellow circle in its center falls off to the side. Her face is painted with a red nose, red cheeks, and black eyelashes, and she wears a pale-colored curly wig. She is winking and sticking her tongue out.

A white cloth with an ermine pattern hangs from the top of the guillotine, in front of its blue blade. A woven basket sits in front of the red base of the guillotine. The frame of the guillotine and the ground are both yellow.