VII. The Chariot

A crowned clown and two jesters emerge from a balloon-decked clown car.

The Chariot features the iconic clown car. Who needs a limousine? This is the ultimate party vehicle. The jesters tumble out to make way for the majestic Prince of Clowns. The circus is not truly in town until The Chariot comes.

Image Description

A smiling clown steps out of a small yellow car. Two jesters are on the ground in front of him, smiling at the viewer.

The clown has a round red nose, a red painted smile, and curly green hair. He wears a blue crown with red dots on its four spikes. He is dressed in a colorful jumpsuit with curly-toed green shoes. Four small yellow masks with different facial expressions hang from his collar. He holds a red balloon with a yellow five-pointed star on it in his left hand.

The jesters are both dressed in the same outfit: a jumpsuit that is half green and half red, blue pointy-toed shoes, yellow and blue jesters’ caps with bells, red ruffled collars, and yellow gloves. Their faces are painted light blue and their noses are red. The jester on the left side of the card is down on hands and knees. The jester on the right side of the card lies on his side with his hand on his hip, kicking his right leg into the air and winking at the viewer.

The car is yellow and red and decorated with twelve light blue five-pointed stars. Its wheels have six red spokes. Three balloons are tied to both the hood and the trunk. In each set, there are two light blue balloons with red and green polka dots, and one red balloon with a yellow five-pointed star. Above the car, there hang blue streamers decorated with red hearts. Red and yellow flowers are strewn on the ground.