III. The Empress

A smiling clown in a crown stands holding a shield in front of a pale blue elephant.

The Empress is the Queen of the Big Top. She is the embodiment of nature and femininity. In fact, her feminine guise is so strong that it can become drag, or a parody of female stereotypes. She shakes 13 flowers from her skirt, symbolizing birth as well as referring to death (Trump XIII). The elephant who joins her roams free in the background, to represent her harmony with nature.

Image Description

A smiling clown stands in front of a pale blue elephant with a white tusk. The clown has a purple crown with six rainbow-colored hearts on its points, and the elephant lifts this crown up with her trunk.

The clown wears a wavy blonde wig, a round red nose, red lipstick, red blush, and long eyelashes on her closed eyes. She wears a ruffled red collar, loose white sleeves with rainbow polka dots, and purple gloves, but her torso is topless, and she wears only five-petaled yellow flowers on her breasts. She also wears a rainbow striped skirt that is short in front and long in back, and purple platform boots featuring red hearts with the glyph of Venus surrounded by rainbows.

In her right arm, she holds a yellow shield with a picture of a red and yellow striped circus tent and two blue stars. With her left hand, she lifts up the front of her skirt to shake out thirteen white five-petaled flowers which fall onto the ground.