Three of Coins

Three coins among the bones of a clown in the desert.

Small plants and animals spring up around the grinning skull of a clown lost in the desert (and the bone flute from Arcanum XIII). One skeletal hand reaches out of the ground to entice the explorer with a coin. This card is about new growth, and the constancy of the earth above all – the desert swallows clowns and gives up gold.

Image Description

The bones of a clown in the desert. The smiling skull has a round red nose and coins in its eye sockets. It wears a blue cowboy hat with a red band. A hand with a red glove sticks out of the ground holding a third coin. Each of the three coins is black, with a yellow ring around the outside, and a yellow flower enclosing a four-petaled red flower in the middle. A red scorpion crawls by the jawbone, and the blue tail of a snake is visible on the right side of the card next to the bony arm. In the foreground rests a white bone with six holes drilled in it. The ground is yellow and sandy, with various small green plants.