XVII. The Star

A mostly-nude clown with a big wig full of stars kneels down in a giant seashell, pouring out two jugs of liquid.

This clown-lady is the Morning Star, the Groovy Goddess of Love, the one and only Venus! This card is all about hope, light, and generosity.

Image Description

A clown with a huge wig kneels down inside a large seashell, pouring out two jugs of liquid. A seagull sits next to her on the edge of the seashell.

The clown is nude except for long green gloves, thigh-high red boots with red, green, and purple platforms, and two seashells on her breasts. Her nose is a red oval, she has three black lashes over each eye, and her smile and cheeks are painted red. Her hair sticks up around her in orange, yellow, and green waves. In the middle of her hair there is a large yellow eight-pointed star. There are also seven smaller stars in her hair: three blue eight-pointed stars, two yellow eight-pointed stars, and two yellow seven-pointed stars.

The two jugs are yellow with red hearts painted on their sides. The jug in her right hand pours out yellow liquid, and the one in her left hand pours out blue liquid.