XVIII. The Moon

Two dancing clowns play banjo and fiddle under a crying moon while a third clown relaxes in a small boat.

I think of this card as the Circus Afterparty. Long after everyone’s gone to bed in some nameless mid-west town, it’s time for the clowns to come out and have a good old-fashioned hoedown by the light of the moon. The moon in her nightcap looks haunted: perhaps the unholy racket of banjo and fiddle woke her up.

Image Description

Two smiling clowns dance by the side of a pool under the moon. The one on the left plays a blue banjo and the one on the right plays a red fiddle. A third clown leans back in a boat floating on the pool. Two circus tents are visible in the background: one on the left side with red and yellow stripes, and one on the right with blue and yellow stripes.

The yellow crescent moon wears a pointy hat with blue and red stripes. She has a red triangle over her eye and a blue tear on her cheek. She is surrounded by a circle of red and yellow rays. Red, yellow, green, and blue drops fly through the air around the moon and there are some red drops on the ground.

The clown playing the banjo is bald on top with a curly green wig and a round red nose. He wears a blue jump suit with red and orange dots, a white ruffled collar, and big red shoes. The clown playing the fiddle has wavy orange hair and a round red nose. He wears a white jumpsuit with red and green hearts on it, a blue ruffled collar, and big red clown shoes. The clown in the boat has a curly red wig and round red nose, and wears big red clown shoes with a red striped jumpsuit and a blue ruffled collar.