Two clowns stand on the beach by the boardwalk beneath a smiling sun.

This card is a tribute to the Jersey Shore, home to the world’s biggest boardwalk. You can’t have the glitz and glamour without the abandoned casinos and the toxic waste on the beach. But why worry – the Sun is shining, grab your floaties and your cotton candy and bask in the glow!

Image Description

Two clowns stand on the beach beneath a smiling sun.

The clown on the left wears a curly yellow wig and green gloves. He is decked out in swimming gear: a blue and orange striped bathing suit, a blue and green mask and snorkel, an inner tube shaped like a red horse, and green flippers.

The clown on the right wears a short dress and red lace-up shoes. The top of the dress is purple with red flowers, the skirt is red, green, and blue, the sleeves and green and blue, and she wears yellow gloves. She has a blue wig and holds blue cotton candy in her left hand as she reaches out her right arm to the other clown.

The sun has a round red nose and red painted smile. It has yellow triangular rays and red wavy rays in between, and red, yellow and blue drops in the air surround it. In the background, there is a boardwalk with low colorful buildings and a Ferris wheel. On the sand, there are two seashells, and abandoned flip-flop, and a hermit crab. The ocean laps up on the sand at the very bottom of the card.