XX. Judgment

A dunk tank clown on the midway looks up at a clown who emerges from a circus tent in the sky, blowing on a slide whistle.

On the ground stand the long-suffering clown denizens of the traveling carnival. In the center we have the despicable dunk tank clown, he who hurls insults in exchange for hurled baseballs. Flanking him are the plastic midway clowns who must swallow down countless thrown balls through their perpetually laughing mouths, all in the name of money. But salvation comes, and even these despised and despicable characters are invited to join the great circus in the sky!

Image Description

A big red and yellow striped circus tent floats in the air, with a clown hanging down from its entrance and blowing a slide whistle. The top of the tent is circled with rolling blue clouds and the sky above it is dark blue with yellow stars. The clown too is dressed in dark blue with yellow dots, and wears a rainbow colored wig and a round red nose. Red, yellow, and blue ribbons also float down from the tent.

Below, a clown in overalls sits in a dunk tank and looks up. He has ragged yellow hair, a round red rose, and red, white, and blue makeup, and wears a red and green checkered shirt. On either side of the tank, there are models of clown torsos with round open mouths meant as targets for tossing balls. The clowns have red, white, and blue makeup and wear red, yellow, and blue outfits with green ribbons around their necks and pointy yellow hats. The ground around them is checkered red and yellow. In the distance there are green and blue hills, with a Ferris wheel, a low building, and a tent nestled among them.