XXI. The World

A clown whose body is a drum with a picture of the Earth dances while holding two drumsticks, surrounded by a wreath of balloons and 4 more clowns.

The World is a mechanical drum-clown on parade. The earth is in the center, drummed upon by the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Like The Fool this card encompasses all four Suits, but here they appear as the four Knights. All clowns are welcome to take their place in the celestial procession.

Image Description

A smiling clown struts in the middle of a wreath of red, yellow, green, and blue balloons. The clown’s body is a red drum with the Earth painted in the middle of the drumskin, and she holds a double-headed drum stick in each hand.

Her sleeves and pants are purple with yellow decorations: both arms have a pattern of five pointed stars, the right leg has a pattern of suns, the left leg has a pattern of moons. Her nose, mouth, and cheeks are painted red and her hair is long and yellow. She also wears a purple pointed hat with green and yellow pom-poms, a green and yellow ruffled collar, and red lace-up shoes. The wreath of balloons is surrounded by flying confetti, and there is a different clown in each of the four corners. The Knight of Swords is in the upper right corner, wearing a mostly black outfit with a green feather in his cap and a red cross on his sleeve. The Knight of Cups is in the upper left corner, dressed all in white lace and ruffles with a pointy black hat. The Knight of Coins is in the lower left corner, wearing an American flag jumpsuit and a yellow cowboy hat with a face on it. Finally, the Knight of Batons is in the lower right corner, wearing a ragged trench coat and crushed hat, with blue painted stubble on his face.