The Suit of Coins in Clown Town Tarot

Here, you can see the suit of Coins from Clown Town, all together. Click on the link in a card’s caption to see the guidebook entry, including the larger image and the full image description.

About the Suit

The suit of Coins is typically associated with elemental Earth. What’s more, the Camoin-Jodorowsky deck (which inspired Clown Town) links each minor suit with one of the creatures from the four corners of the World card – and Coins gets the bull. From this, the natural choice was rodeo clowns! More generally, this suit is frontier-themed. Rodeo clowns have to do some things other than being chased by bulls, after all. The mission of the rodeo clown and the pioneer are essentially the same: don’t get killed. And that is central to the material and physical focus of Coins.

The Cards

Court Cards


A clown stands in the desert, roping a gigantic coin in a lasso over his head.
Ace of Coins